About Myself:

Wassup wit it? My name is Solomon; by day, I’m a barber/men’s grooming specialist, and at night I’m a lifestyle/fashion content creator. I use my creative outlets to enhance how others view themselves internally and externally. I believe that we can’t look good, without feeling good, which is why my work starts from the inside out. I have been a Digital Content Creator since 2014 with 35 Thousand followers across  YT, Facebook, Insta & TikTok. I have worked for many brands over the past years and would like to help you expand your reach with my skillsets.

My Video Editing Process:
  • Contact Me and I will do the requirement analysis.
  • Source files: When you are happy to proceed I will arrange the best way for you to provide your footage and other necessary files to me.
  • First Draft: I’ll create your final footage, adding any extra requirements such as motion graphics or animations, music, SFX, audio enhancement, or color grading. (Based on your package selection)
  • Review/changes: you can review the final output and request any necessary revisions. (Maximum of 3 Revisions)
  • Delivery: I’ll deliver the final output to you in mp4 or any other required format.
Services I Provide:

  • Youtube video editing
  • Travel Videos
  • Podcast Editing
  • Gaming Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Wedding
  • Real Estate
  • All kinds of social media videos

Editing Includes:

  • Color Grading & Color Correction
  • Green Screen
  • Slideshows
  • Trimming/Cutting/Joining Clip
  • Animating Logo/Watermark
  • GoPro footage
  • Multicam Editing
  • Adding Titles/Subtitles
  • Audio Syncing
  • 4k, 1080p output
  • Slow motion
Delivery Time 21 days

YouTube videos

Final cut Pro, Premier Pro, Photoshop, InShot

  • Video Editing
  • Health & Beauty
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Services

Contact Email: [email protected]

Basic (Post Production)
Basic 1 min video edit, Add-ons available as required


  • ☑Up to 1 minute running time
  • ☒Color grading
  • ☑Sound design & mixing
  • ☒Motion graphics
Standard (Post Production)
Up to 5 min edit + Color Correction + Animated texts + Add-ons available as required


  • ☑Up to 5 minutes of running time
  • ☑Color grading
  • ☑Sound design & mixing
  • ☒Motion Graphics
Premium (Post Production)
Up to 10 min edit + Motion graphics + Audio Fix & All the trendy effects. (An additional charge of $50/min will be applied for edits over 10 minutes.)


  • ☑Up to 10 minutes running time
  • ☑Color grading
  • ☑Sound design & mixing
  • ☑Motion graphics